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Global Fleet Management is building an asset base of aircraft and engines as part of capital investment backed growth strategy – leasing acquired assets to airlines and providing a full asset and inventory management service with every lease.


Our core values of Family, Quality, Reliability, Flexibility and Response. We define our values as:


Family, – Core to our philosophy is the importance of a family dynamic with all of our partners. When you work with Global Fleet Management, you are a member of the GFM family and will be treated as such.


Quality, – In a global industry, in which millions of passengers and huge volumes of cargo depend on the quality and reliability of aircraft, we employ the most up-to-date quality management procedures and systems to provide you with the highest levels of quality assurance.


Reliability, – With a dedicated AOG team available anytime, we provide reliability you can count on. Release Certificates, ATA106, Non-Incident Statements, Trace Documentation, Logistics Management with around-the-clock care and attention to detail are all part of the service.


Flexibility, – We offer a personalised approach to allow maximum flexibility. We can provide exactly what you need, when you need it, without complex management approval procedures, extensive paperwork or other time consuming obstacles.


Response, – Our Rapid Response Programme ensures that whatever the requirement, we deliver quickly and efficiently.



Our logistics team works in close partnership with specialist logistics service providers to maximise efficiency, ensuring all orders are executed swiftly with the emphasis on delivery of parts to their final destination in the quickest possible time. All parts are checked, photographed and documented before passing through the final quality assurance procedures. Shipments are tracked by our team and any customs formalities taken care of.

AOG Support

AOG 24/7

In an Aircraft on Ground situation every second counts and that’s when we really prove our worth. Response is one of our core values and you will find that our team is dedicated to getting you operational again quickly and with a minimum of fuss. The flexibility of our team enables us to respond rapidly to any eventuality.

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